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An amazing catch up with my coach from #aia #alc programme with #IMD. Ruchira Chaudhary was also kind enough to gift me her amazing book, and if the conversation was any indication of what’s in the book I strongly recommend you get your own copy.

Prashant Agarwal
Digital Marketer | Exponential Innovator | Transformation Leader

Leadership advice sometimes felt like only buzzwords. That changed when I started facing real challenges co-creating WIP.

It’s in these moments that guidance from coaches like Ruchira Chaudhary helps me make meaning of the advice around trade-offs, motivating your team, and the like.

This week, in a quiet corner, sipping traditional oolong tea in Singapore, she helped me realise the risk of being too absorbed in where WIP is today, at the expense of what we know it can become tomorrow.

I learnt that experience is the greatest teacher when the book ‘Siddhartha’ (a gift from friend and WIP co-creator, Nikhil Samuel) held up a mirror to my life. Through guides like Ruchira, I’m learning that my lessons from experience are greater when worked through with a coach.

Grateful for her insights and her book on my study table. Thank you, Ruchira!

Raahil Rai
Entrepreneur to help people craft careers they love | Channeling experiences at Cambridge, INSEAD, Dalberg & Omidyar Network

Thank you Ruchira Chaudhary for the kind words. You provided invaluable guidance and mentoring at a critical point in my career, helping me navigate choppy waters, take risks, and grow the skills needed to be a leader. I hope we can continue to work together! Thank you Omidyar Network – I had never considered having a coach before and I cannot recommend it enough to others. And Ruchira is truly the best 🙂

Urvashi Aneja
Director, Digital Futures Lab

Shruti Gonsalves is the MD & CEO, Sitara (SEWA Grih Rin Limited) that provides affordable housing finance to the under-served low-income households in urban and peri-urban locations. Shruti is living proof of the amazing impact of providing housing to women, and using the power of markets to tackle problems of poverty sustainably in India.

Adversity and personal setbacks did not stop Shruti from taking Sitara to newer heights – global recognition, many prestigious awards, and raising millions in funding while never losing focus on Sitara’s vision of helping every woman realise her dream – the dream of having her own house.

Shruti Gonsalves
MD & CEO, Sitara